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Baijnath Town Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Temperature Destination

Posted by Admin; Date: 27-May-2024

About Baijnath Town destination: Baijnath Town is placed in Himachal Pradesh of the India country. Baijnath town is a nice place to explore Himachal Pradesh local people culture and social activities. Baijnath town is very good connected to Mandi - Pathankot road to other parts of the India country.

Distance from Baijnath Town: Baijnath Town is very good connected to other Himachal Pradesh state local places via road transport.

  • Baijnath Town is just 17.3 KM distance from Palampur town.
  • Baijnath Town is just 49.6 KM distance from Kangra city.
  • Baijnath Town is just 20.2 KM distance from Joginder Nagar.
  • Baijnath Town is just 92.1 KM distance from Mandi city.
  • Baijnath Town is just 98.1 KM distance from Sundar Nagar.
  • Baijnath Town is just 128.9 KM distance from Pathankot city.
  • Baijnath Town is just 51.1 KM distance from Dharamsala city.
  • Baijnath Town is just 202.1 KM distance from Shimla city.

Himachal Pradesh Tour: It is a well idea to Himachal Pradesh tour which is placed in northern of the India country. Its other neighbour countries are Uttarakhand state, Hariyana state, Punjab state, Jammu & Kashmir state and Ladakh state. Himachal Pradesh state has two capital cities which are Shimla city and Dharamsala state. It is a famous destination to spend summer vacation where also has several snow capped mountains which make state cool weather region. It also has skiing resorts to enjoy winter season snow sports.

Himachal Pradesh the most famous skiing resorts are Kufri skiing resort, Narkanda skiing resort, Manali skiing resort, Solang Valley skiing resort, Gulaba skiing resort, Rohtang Pass kiing resort, Hanuman Tibba kiing resort, Kothi Village kiing resort and Dhundi kiing resort etc. Himachal Pradesh the most famous tourist places cities are Shimla city, Dharamsala city, Kangra city, Manali Town and many more. Europe tour vacation booking, Japan tour vacation and Switzerland tour vacation booking.

Baijnath Town Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 1.8 3.6 8.8 10.8 14.5 16.3 16.7 20 15.9 15.3 10.7 4.8
Average High (℃) 12.8 14.7 18.1 24.1 25.7 25.9 25.2 24.1 23.3 23.4 20.6 14.8

How can come to Baijnath Town: It is placed in Himachal Pradesh of the India country. People can come to Baijnath Town via Mandi - Pathankot road (Natioanl highway - 154) road transport.

Air Transport: Kangra city has nearest domestic airport where passengers can get regional air flights to Indian places.

Train Transport: Baijnath Town is not connected to train transport where has not trains services networks.

Road Transport: The town is very good connected to other Indian regional places via Mandi - Pathankot road (Natioanl highway - 154).

Baijnath Town tourists attractions: Baijnath Town has some popular places to visit which some are Shri Devi Temple, Tashi Jong Khampagar Monastery - Buddhist temple, Sherabling Monastery, Bir Billing Paragliding Point, Bangoru Waterfall, Brajeshwari Devi Temple, Shri Mahakal Shiv Temple, Bola Wali Mata Temple, Karodi Mahadev, Chintpurni Mata Mandir Rajot, Shiv Mandir, Ghirtholi Ground, Kangra Valley View Point City of Lights etc.

Baijnath Town famous Restaurants & accommodations: Baijnath Town has some budget types hotels to stay. Its some famous restaurants are Khatirdari Restaurant Baijnath (PURE VEGETARIAN), Sonam Fast Food - Fast food restaurant, Shankar View - Hotel, Kamakshi Guest House, Ching Cafe - Restaurant, The wood's Cafe & Kitchen - Restaurant, Hotel Billing View - Baijnath, Temple Town Guest House, Shivashish guest house, Sonam Fast Food, Chatore - Pahle Pet Pooja! - Fast food restaurant etc.