Teej Festival

Teej Festival, Jaipur

Teej History

Teej one of the most significant festive occasion in the number of Hindu festivals. Women mainly participate in this festive occasion celebrated in different Indian states. Teej festive occur during the monsoon season with so many traditional songs, dancing and custom prayer. Teej is a special festival primarily dedicated to Goddess Parvati to take her union with Lord Shiva. Teej refers to a cultural moon festival predominantly celebrated in western and northern states of India.

This festival welcomes to cloudy weather and heavily raining, greenery and birds really what a pleasant feel with amazing custom and rituals. Women and little girls participate in the Teej festival to have dance, music and get together to tell stories and well dress up by pasting mehandi on their hands and feet. It seems completely colorful wearing red, green, yellow, blue and having delicious food together where they swing on Haryaali Teej.

About Teej Festival

Teej celebrations vary from state to state for an instant in Rajasthan, Bihar, Punjab, U.P, Jaipur and Haryana etc with different cultural and festive belief. A three-day long Hindu festival falls in the month of Shravana or monsoon and Bhadrapada (July-August-September). Teej festival is known in typically three variant’s name Hariyali, Kajari and Hartalika Teej etc. Each is celebrated with similar religious joy and fervor by women especially. Let’s take insight to Teej festive celebrations as:

Teej Festive Event Rituals & Celebrations

Teej festival is a symbol of lavish joy and happiness in a married life. Women get well dressed up and wear new bangles to look like new weds with multi-color combination look pretty to impress their husbands. Mehendi is a special paste enhance their beauty for such an amazing festival.

Teej festival significance is unbelievable, decorating Goddess Teej is adorned with colorful traditional jewelry to beautify her idol in the temple. Teej Mata clothes changes with new embroidered heavy costume beautify her. Ladies sing traditional and devotional songs to appease Teej Mata with so many activities. Where under green tree ladies swing in the ground is fully decorated with colorful decoration items like flowers and idol of Teej Mata. Teej is a famuos festival of the Jaipur city, Teej Festival jaipur 2021, Teej Festival jaipur 2021 date, Teej Jaipur 2021, Teej in Rajasthan 2021, Teej 2021 date Rajasthan, Teej 2021 Jaipur, Teej festival 2021 date, Teej festival 2021 in Rajasthan, Sawan Teej 2021 date Rajasthan, Rajasthani Teej 2021, sawan teej 2021 date in Rajasthan, Teej festival in Jaipur 2021, Hariyali Teej festival 2021, Decoration for Teej, Teej 2021 Rajasthan, Teej festival, Teej in 2021 and Hariyali Teej 2021 etc.

The procession begins with beautifully ready elephants, horses, and camels in Jaipur made to walk before Teej Mata to enhance the grace of a long journey. During this procession folk sangeet and dancing are performed to enjoy a wonderful Teej festival. An enormous fanfare visits Jaipur to enjoy colorful celebrations adjoined with cultural beliefs and activities. With this see the beauty of Rajasthan completely cultured, simplicity makes sound wow while enjoying natural scenes appear extreme charming.

Hariyali Teej Festival Jaipur Festival Date and Day:-

2021 Festival Date: Thursday, 11 August

2020 Festival Date: Thursday, 23 July

2019 Festival Date: Saturday, 3 August

2018 Festival Date: Wednesday, 12 August

Type : Monsoon Festivals

Frequency: Annual

Location: Jaipur City, India