Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri Festival, Delhi

Maha Shivratri is one of the most popular festival in India. Maha Shivratri means the ‘Night of the Lord Shiv' and it is believed that Lord Shiv wedded with Goddess Parvati on this day. It is the most favorite festival for Shiv followers where they keep fast for the day and celebrate the day with bhajans and all. As per the Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiv is the most powerful god of the trinity. In fact, lord shiva is the most reversed god of the Hindus, so the day 'Maha Shivratri' is celebrated to honor Lord Shiv.

A Brief History about Maha Shivratri

Mahashivaratri festival "The Night of Shiva" is celebrated with lots of blissful fervor, religious affair in honor of Lord Shiva. It occurs on the moonless 14th night of the new moon during the Hindu month of Phalgun. All Hindu people perform worship of "Shiva Lingam" with religious affair to please "Lord Shiva".

On Maha Shivratri in Delhi, followers or devotees are on fast during the day and in the night, they celebrate the occasion with lots of fun, joy and devotion. This is a major festival in Hinduism, this is sacred and symbol a flashback of overcoming darkness and ignorance in life. It came into existence by remembering Shiva and carol prayers, fasting and meditation on ethics and virtues for instance self moderation, integrity, remission and the quest of Shiva. The enthusiastic devotees wake up whole the night and some of them visits the nearest temple. It is pristine Hindu festival celebrated from long years.

How to Celebrate Maha Shivaratri

This is the most memorable Hindu festival where typically various customs & traditions are performed delightfully. Devotees keep fast to appease Lord Shiva with so much going on this day. Devotee only follow diet such as fruits and milk not even drink water. This fast is taken with strong belief in Lord Shiva on the auspicious day "Shivaratri". On this auspicious festive occasion all married women pray Shiva to seek prosperity and longevity of their husband as a well wisher. Even unmarried girls become happy and pray Lord Shiva to marrying such a loving and ideal partner as Shiva himself.

With a hope of receiving cheerful blessings, on this Shivaratri festival devotees wake up early in the morning and take bath in the river Ganga to purify their soul. After that they visit temple to perform Puja with complete holy rituals (mop up Shiva Lingum with milk, honey and water).

Maha Shivaratri Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Wednesday, 26 February

2024 Festival Date: Friday, 8 March

2023 Festival Date: Saturday, 18 February

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 28 February

2021 Festival Date: Thursday, 11 March

2020 Festival Date: Friday, 21 February

2019 Festival Date: Monday, 4 March

2018 Festival Date: Tuesday, 13 February

Type : Religious

Frequency: Annual