Lodi Tomb, New Delhi

Lodi Tomb is not only a tomb but it is also a walking paradise for the morning and jaywalkers who have turned it into a jogging park. Although, the tomb of Sikander Lodi, which is the second ruler of the Lord Dynasty, Sikandar Lodi and is situated in New Delhi. It was built in 1517-1518 CE by his son Ibrahim Lodhi. The monument is situated at 100 meters away from Bara Gumbad and the area is situated in a formal village called Khairpur although the entire area has become very much developed with the construction and architecture inspired by tomb of Muhhamad Shah.

The octagonal design and the architectural design and it is Indo-Islamic with the first garden style tomb in Indian subcontinent and the earliest surviving enclosed garden tomb. During the British the Tomb and the entire park surroundings was called The Old Lady Willingdon Park and is still known by the same name but the more popular it is by Lodi Tomb which is also dotted with monuments of Sayyid and Lodhi periods which includes tomb mosques and bridges. The location is at the Main road beside India International Centre and the nearest Metro Station is JLN Stadium and is opened daily with Morning to Evening and the entry is free with no photography charges.

Lodi tomb is located in Lodi garden which is location near of the Khan Market area. Lodi tomb is dedicated to Sikander Lodi who reign on India from 17 July 1489 to 21 November 1517. This tomb was built in 1517 by Ibrahim Lodi who was son of the Sikander Lodi. He was a Afghan origin and was the second ruler of the Lodi dynasty. This dynasty run from 1451 to 1526. Now Lodi tomb is a popular tourist place in Lodi garden.

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Visit Information:-

Location: Lodi Colony

Address: Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, 110003

Nearest Metro Station: Jor Bag & JLN Stadium

Open: Every day

Visit Timings: Morning to Evening

Reign: 17 July 1489 to 21 November 1517

Sikandar Lodi Death Day: 21 November 1517

Entry Fee (Tickets Price): FREE

Distance From:-

IGI and palam Airport: 13.3 KM

New Delhi RLY Station: 6.4 KM

Old Delhi RLY Station: 13.5 KM

Nizamuddin RLY Station: 7.1 KM

Anand Vihar RLY Station: 17.7 KM