Janmashtami Festival, Delhi

History about Janmashtami

The birth of Lord Krishna is memorable for everyone of all times. The empire of Mathura was suffering from the misery and strict rule of king Kansa. King Kansa was rude had a sister name Devaki, who got married to Vasudeva. This was an co-incidence on their wedding day, gestures were for happening something. After all this, it was a prediction that the eight sons of Devaki and Vasudev would be the cause of King Kansa's death. After hearing this, Kansa caught Devaki and Vasudev and sent them into karaghar and started weird behave & punish them to make their life miserable. He was waiting for eight sons as soon as born, and he will kill him to prove prediction wrong.

Janmashtami is Krishna's birth date that is celebrated as a festive occasion with lots of fanfare and joyous celebrations. Krishna is considered a loving embodiment of the Lord Vishnu to let the know real meaning of love. Janmashtami is an annual Hindu festival that is celebrated as the birthday of Lord "Krishna" in the month of Bhadrapada of the lunisolar Hindu Calendar.

It is one of the most significant festivals celebrated among Hindus. All the night dance, drama according to the Bhagavata Purana for instance (Rasa Lila or Krishna Lila) holy chanting by the midnight when it is supposed to believe that Krishna has been born. By this time all Hindu communities keep fasting to appease Lord Krishna for seeking peace and prosperity. Janmashtami is celebrated in many parts or region of India that is considered auspicious with the commencement of cold.

How to Celebrate Janmashtami

This is especially celebrated in the Braj region of North India in Mathura where Krishna born, and similarly in Vrindavan. The nearest temples are highly decorated to organize special arrangements in Mathura and Vrindavan with lots of blissful feelings.

It is extremely exciting a huge crowd of devotees comes from far to visit holy temples of Vrindavan and Mathura. These are both sacred places where devotees visit Krishna here many of the cultural program with so many traditions and religious fervor.

Hindu mythology, Krishna is the most loving and favorite character since his childhood "Lord Krishna". He loved milk and butter a lot, even sometimes steal from their neighbor’s home, however, Yashoda gets angry when Krishna does such naughty activities. In spite of, all Krishna does, everyone loves him.

Janmashtami Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Saturday , 16 August

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 26 August

2023 Festival Date: September, 6 September

2022 Festival Date: Thursday, 18 August

2021 Festival Date: Monday, 30 August

2020 Festival Date: Tuesday, 11 August

2019 Festival Date: Saturday, 24 August

2018 Festival Date: Monday, 3 September

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual