Independence Day

Independence Day, India

Independence day is the significant festive occasion celebrated with colorful celebrations on each year 15th August. This is known as a red letter day in the history of India. 15th August 1947 is the remarkable day for Indians because they got freedom from British rules. Independence day is generally a national festival celebrated with great passion and fervor all over India.

History of Independence Day

Independence Day 15th August is more than religious festive ceremonies will be remembered forever in the Indian history as the biggest political achievement. On this day, cultural activities are performed by the general public to the Prime Minister with respect eyes and honor. It begins from dawn to the entire day as an incredibly memorable day when India was declared Independent from British rules. It is a destiny being an Indian to have full control and freedom sense of proud feel. A political achievement is not such an easy task because freedom fighter struggled with tireless efforts and sacrificed a lot for freedom where some of them have been martyred for prestigious motherland.

About Independence Day

The preparation of the most wonderful Independence day begin from midnight to celebrate the most special festive occasion. In Delhi NCR all the big buildings and roads are decorated with so many flags to express gratitude and love to be an Indian. An Independence day is celebrated with flag hosting including cultural ceremonies in the state capital Delhi NCR.

A day prior to midnight, as Indian citizen awaits with full of excitement 15th August. During the year of freedom 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. After the 15th August 1947, India was no longer more bounded with British rules.

The day of freedom 15th August is most prominently celebrated in state capital Delhi NCR. It is all to celebrate freedom or feel proud of being an Indian. Freedom occasion is considered the biggest political success of India.

Fifteenth (15th August) celebrations are varied to be a special National festive occasion but no traditional rituals are followed. At every school and colleges host the big function to perform different cultural, religious and patriotic activities like singing and dancing etc. The day mark a glorious and prestigious freedom by flag hoisting. This is celebrated by Government and private firms to enjoy the day of freedom throughout India

The celebrations are cheerful related to the Independence day, including the vibrant colors of our national flag in the colorful sky. Fifteenth August preparations are prior to celebrating such an important event with cultural and historical reasons in Delhi, NCR.

Independence Day of India Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Friday, 15 August

2024 Festival Date: Thursday, 15 August

2023 Festival Date: Tuesday, 15 August

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 15 August

2021 Festival Date: Sunday, 15 August

2020 Festival Date: Saturday, 15 August

2019 Festival Date: Thursday, 15 August

2018 Festival Date: Wednesday, 15 August

Type : National

Frequency: Annual