Holi Festival, Delhi

History of the Holi-

As we all know about Delhi that it is the capital city of India so here, every festival has its own importance and therefore, it is celebrated quite uniquely in Delhi. Like any other festival, Holi or the festival of colors is also celebrated with huge enthusiasm and joy in Delhi.

Delhi, being a metropolitan city, is an ideal place to witness the amalgamation of different cultures and traditions. Because people from various states are residing in Delhi, so it can be said that every aspect of holi festival can be seen in different places of Delhi.

How to Celebrate Holi -

Like in other parts of India, People of Delhi at the time of Holi also move out in small groups known as tolis and apply colors on every known and unknown face. This playing of colors goes beyond the limit as the tolis play and celebrate holi in their respective areas. Even public transportation is hard to get at the time of holi and if you get that you have pay extra to reach your destination.

The real celebration of holi begins in Delhi when colors are mixed with music, dancing, feast and throwing party. During the celebration of Holi in Delhi, people hug and greet each other by applying colors or abeer on the forehead. It is said that on this very day, enemies also become friends by forgiving all the wrong doings. If anybody wants to begin a new life by ending all previous disputes, this is believed to be the perfect time to do so.

To begin the celebration of Holi in Delhi and all parts of India, Holika or bonfires, night before the day of holi, are lit in some main locations of the town where the crowd collect to celebrate the victory of good over the evil. Bonfire is made by the wood that is collected since many days.

Delhi, being a political hub of the nation, celebrates every small-big event in a unique style. This is true with the holi celebration as well. Like any other Indian, holi festival is equally celebrated with joy and huge enthusiasm among the politicians. Even, holi being an important of festival of Hindus is also celebrated at the residences of Prime Minister and President where political parties gather to celebrate this festival of colors. Moreover, at the place of holi celebration, different events are organized to take the celebration to the next level.

Holi Colours Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Friday, 14 March

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 25 March

2023 Festival Date: Tuesday, 7 March

2022 Festival Date: Friday, 18 March

2021 Festival Date: Monday, 29 March

2020 Festival Date: Tuesday, 10 March

2019 Festival Date: Wednesday, 21 March

2018 Festival Date: Friday, 2 March

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual