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Thalwil City Switzerland Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin ; Date: 25-April-2022

About Thalwil city / town destination: Thalwil is city / town is located on bank of the Zurich lake. Thalwil city / town is exact 11.0 KM distance from Zurich business capital city. Thalwil is a good destination to explore Switzerland local people modern life style and culture activities. Thalwil town is situated on national highway - 3 which connects Switzerland major cities and towns via road transport. Thalwil is well destination to enjoy different types of the water sports in lake such as swimming, fishing, boating, water scooter riding etc.

Thalwil is well jointed to other Switzerland domestic places via road transport. Thalwil town is just 11.0 KM far from Zurich city, Lucerne city is just 55.1 KM distance, St. Gallen city is just 113.3 KM far, Basel border city is exact 100.4 KM distance, Bern capital city is just 134.6 KM distance, Geneva global city is just 290.0 KM far, Thun city is just 160.2 KM distance, Lausanne city is exact 239.7 KM distance.

Switzerland is a heaven of the Earth which is placed in central Europe which half south Switzerland country covered by snow while all country covered by snow fall during winter season. Switzerland is also a most famous honeymoon destination of the world where people can enjoy honeymoon in winter season and summer both season. Switzerland country neighbour countries are Italy in southern, Austria in eastern, Germany in northern and France in western. Switzerland country has several natural water lakes which make country more beautiful. Switzerland holiday tour and UK London holiday tour .

How can come to Thalwil city / town: Thalwil town is well connected to other Switzerland domestic destinations via road transport, train transport and air transport. passengers can come to city / town from other European places via road transport, air transport and train transport. Passengers can move from one country to other European countries via single visa policy.

Zurich Airport - International airport: Zurich Airport is just 23.5 KM distance from Thalwil town which is the busiest international airport of the Switzerland country. Zurich Airport connects Switzerland to other International countries via air transport. Swiss is a landlocked country which air transport is the main transport to connect foreign countries.

Zurich HB - Travel Terminals: Zurich HB is the central railway station of the Zurich city which is just 10.9 KM distance from Thalwil town. passengers can get trains to other Swiss domestic places and other European countries also.

Thalwil - Train station: Thalwil town also has railway station where people can get trains to local places of the Swiss country. It is a local town train station.

Thalwil city / town tourists attractions: Thalwil town has several natural and man made places to visit which some are Ortsmuseum Thalwil - Museum, Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche - Reformed church, Katholische Kirche St. Felix und Regula - Catholic church, Coop Supermarkt Thalwil, Golfpark Thalwil - driving range - Golf course, Gattiker Waldweiher - Wildlife refuge, Hallenbad Schweikruti - Indoor swimming pool, Cavallo Gartenbau & Gartenpflege - Landscaper, Schiessstand Oberrieden etc.

Thalwil city / town famous Restaurants & accommodations: Thalwil town also has some hotels accommodations while main hotels are available in Zurich city. Thalwil and Zurich some famous restaurants are Golden Thai Food - Thai restaurant, Makoto Sushi - Sushi restaurant, Bella e Buona - Pizza delivery, Zum Grundstein - Swiss restaurant, Portofino - Italian restaurant, Sedartis - Swiss restaurant, Coop Restaurant, ginger Indian restaurant etc.