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Thailand Tour to Visit Sukhothai Historical Park Tour Destination

Posted : 18-July-2020

About Sukhothai Historical Park Tour: Sukhothai Historical Park is located in Sukhothai Province of the Thailand country. Sukhothai was ancient capital city of the Sukhothai Kingdom during 13th century and 14th century. Here has several monuments and ruin of the Sukhothai Kingdom history related. It is now concreted into UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1991. It is spread in 29000 acres area land.

How Can Reach Sukhothai Historical Park: It is well connected with other parts of the country via road transport, air transport and train transport.

Air Transport: Its nearest airports are Takamatsu Airport and Tak Airport. Takamatsu Airport is just 85.0 KM distance from Historical Park and Tak Airport is just 66 KM distance from Tak Airport.

Road Transport: National highway - 12 connects Sukhothai Historical Park to other parts of the Thailand country.

Train Transport: Historical Park nearest station is Phitsanulok railway station which is just 78.2 KM distance. Here tourists can get train to Bangkok and other major cities.

Things to Do near of the Sukhothai Historical Park: Tourists can do several activities near of the Historical Park such as Prayer on Buddhist temple, Watch Historical Significance places, watch Museums, camping, shopping in local markets, participate in local events and cultural activities.

Tourists Attractions near of the Sukhothai Historical Park: there are many traveller attraction near of the Historical Park like Wat Srasri Buddhist temple, Wat Chana Songkhram Buddhist temple, Sukhothai Historical Park Heritage preservation, Wat Maha That Historical landmark, Noen Prasat Historical landmark, King Ramkhamhaeng Monument, The Ramkhamhaeng National Museum, San-Ta-Pha-Daeng or Deity Shrine - Place of worship, Wat Sorasak - Historical landmark, Wat Son Khao, Wat Traphang Pan - Historical landmark, Wat Maechon - Place of worship, Buddha Casting Foundy - Art center, Wat Kamphaeng Laeng - Buddhist temple, Wat Si Sawai - Hindu temple, Wat Traphang Ngoen - Historical landmark, Wat Pa Sak Ruins - Historical landmark, Ho Thewalai. Thewalai Mahakaset, Wat Pa Mamuang - Historical landmark, Wat Tuek Ruins - Historical landmark, Wat Mangkorn, Wat Phra Yuen Ruins, Wat Chedi Ngarm, Wat Tham Hip Bon - Buddhist temple, Saritphong Dam, Wat Asokaram, Wat Chetuphon - Buddhist temple and Ramkhamhaeng National Park etc. Thailand Trip Holiday is a well plan to visit Sukhothai Historical Park which is located in Thailand country.

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