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Europe Holiday to Strasbourg Old Town Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 5-June-2021

About Strasbourg Old Town: Strasbourg is located on bank of the Rhine River in eastern France of the European region. Strasbourg city also has European Parliament place which is placed just near of the Germany country border. It is good destination to explore European people life style, cultural and social activities.

How Can Reach to Strasbourg Old Town Destination: it is located near of the Germany country boarder which is well connected with domestic places and European countries via air, road and train transport.

By Air Transport: Neuhof Airport is the nearest domestic airport in Strasbourg which is just 3.9 KM distance from downtown. People can get here flights to other main France cities.

Strasbourg International airport is just 88.4 KM distance from Strasbourg where people can get international flights direct to foreign countries.

By Train Transport: Strasbourg Railway Station is the nearest and major train station of the Strasbourg city where tourists can get trains to other France domestic cities and some neighbour European countries like Germany, Swiss, Italy and Austria etc.

By Road Transport: France country has well road transport system which all cities connected together easily. Strasbourg city is also well connected with other European cities via road transport.

Things to Do in Strasbourg Old Town: travelers can do several things to do in Strasbourg Old Town such as boating into Rhine River, fishing, shopping in city market, eat French local foods, prayer in church, participate in French local festival & cultural activities, explore European countries people life style etc.

Tourists attractions in Strasbourg Old Town: People can visit many famous places in Strasbourg Old Town like the following.

Strasbourg Old Town attractions: Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg - Cathedral, Eglise Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune - church, Paroisse Protestante Saint-Guillaume - Parish, Communaute des Franciscains - church, Ponts Couverts de Strasbourg - Bridge, Pont Royal - Bridge, Strasbourg University, Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Musee des moulages - Sculpture museum, Lieu d'Europe - Museum, Place Kléber etc.

Nearest other attractions: Rhine River, Golf Club Strasbourg, Auen-Wildnispfad, Golf La Wantzenau, Mutzig Fort - Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II, Office de Tourisme du Pays de Haguenau etc. Europe travel trip is a nice idea to Strasbourg Old Town tour which is placed in France country in Europe region.

Japan travel trip is a nice plan to Nagoya city tour which is located in Japan country. Nagoya is a costal city which is well connected via air, water and road transport with domestic cities. Nagoya is just 351.0 KM distance from Tokyo capital city and Osaka city is just 173.4 KM far. Nagoya is a popular place where tourists can visit several famous destination to visit.

Nagoya some popular places are Nagoya Castle, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, Nagoya City Museum, Nagoya University Museum, Yamazaki Mazak - Art museum, Nagoya Ceramics Exhibition Hall, Noritake no Mori Gallery, Nagoya City Museum Shop, Meito Art Museum, The Tokugawa Art Museum, Nagoya Castle, Noritake Garden, Atsuta Jingu - Shinto shrine, Nagoya Port Bluebonnet Wildflower Garden etc.