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Japan Holiday to Sensoji Temple Tokyo Tour Destination

Posted by Admin; Date: 29-Aug-2022

About Sensoji Temple Tokyo Destination: Senso-ji is a famous and historical Buddhist temple which is located in Tokyo capital city of the Japan country. the Senso-ji temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha which was was built in 645.

How Can Reach to Sensoji Temple Tokyo: It is situated in Tokyo capital city of the Japan country. Tokyo is the largest populated city of the Japan country where people can get water and air transport services to all over world.

By Air Transport: Tokyo city has a busy international airport where passengers can get air transport to overseas countries and domestic places also.

By train Transport: Tokyo city has many busy railway station where passengers can get different types trains services to other domestic destinations.

Things to Do near of Sensoji Temple Tokyo: passengers can do several activities in Tokyo coastal city which some adventure and recreation types such as prayer at Buddhist temples, watch Tokyo city's famous museums, enjoy time at city's water parks & amusement parks, enjoy water sports at city's beaches and into the River where has more than four rivers, explore Japanese local people social and modern life in capital city, eat Japanese delicious and healthy foods, shopping Tokyo memorable gifts etc.

Tourists attractions near of Sensoji Temple Tokyo: passengers can watch Tokyo costal city several famous places which some historical and modern such as the following.

Attractions near Sensoji Temple: Senso-ji Main Hall, Purification Fountain - Historical landmark, Incense Burner - Buddhist temple, Divine Ginkgo Tree, Hozomon Gate - Historical landmark, Former Stone Lantern, Five-Storied Pagoda, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Bronze Statue - Buddhist temple, Hitokoto Fudoson - Buddhist temple, Mitsumine-jinja Shrine - Shinto shrine, Purification Fountain, Asakusa Hanayashiki - Amusement park etc.

Other attractions in Tokyo capital city: Asakusa Kagekijo Theater - Performing arts theater, Denboin Garden, Hoppy Street, Asakusa Hisago-dori Shopping Street - Business park, Asakusa Ichifuku Koji - Shopping mall, Vineyard alley - Shopping mall, EKIMISE Asakusa - Shopping mall, Sumida River Walk - Bridge, Kototoi Bridge, Sumida Park, Sumida Kuritsu Sumida Park, Taito Riverside Sports Center, Baseball Field B, Sakurabashi - Bridge, Matsuchiyama Shoden - Buddhist temple, Sumida Kuritsu Sumida Koen Shonenya Baseball Field, FamilyMart - Convenience store, Tobacco & Salt Museum - Technology museum etc. Japan tour trip is a well idea to Sensoji Temple trip which is placed in Tokyo port city of the Japan country.

Switzerland tour trip ; Europe tour trip is a good idea to Milan city tour which is placed in Italy country, Europe region. Milan is a Metropolitan city of the country which is located in northern of the Italy country. Milan is a major economy hub of the Italy country which is also a large populated city of the country. Milan city is good connected to other European countries and Italian domestic places via air, train and road transport. other countries passengers can come via air transport where has a busy international airport.

Milan is a modern major city where has several options to enjoy holiday time which some popular destinations are Mudec - Art museum, Museo Mondo Milan - Museum, Civic Archaeological Museum, Casa museo Boschi di Stefano - Art museum, Pirelli HangarBicocca - Art museum, Europark Idroscalo Milan - Amusement park, Idroscalo Milano Ingresso Villetta - Park, Lago Santa Maria, Pinacoteca di Brera - Art gallery, Acquatica Park - Water park, Triennale di Milano - Museum, Leonardo3 Museum, Europark Idroscalo Milan - Amusement park, Sforzesco Castle - Castle, Arco della Pace - Historical landmark, Parco della Balossa - Park etc.