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Roorkee City Tour Guide Uttarakhand Holiday Destination

Posted by Admin; Date: 24-April-2023

About Roorkee City destination: Roorkee a famous city of the Uttarakhand state which is just 40 KM distance from Haridwar Holy city. Roorkee city is famous in all over world about its Indian Institute Of Technology–Roorkee (IIT–Roorkee).

Distance from Roorkee City: Roorkee city is very good connected to other Indian places via road and train transport. Roorkee city is just 40.7 KM distance from Haridwar holy city, Dehradun state capital city is just 69.9 KM distance, Rishikesh Yoga city is just 52.1 KM distance, Saharanpur city is exact 44.4 KM distance, Chandigarh city is just 198.9 KM distance and Delhi city is just 211.1 KM distance.

Uttarakhand tour: It is a nice idea to Uttarakhand state tour which is a mountain state where has several hill station. Uttarakhand sate also has Hindu religion pilgrimage famous places which includes Badrinath temple, Kedarnath temple, Yamunotri temple and Gangotri temple etc. Europe tour travel booking, Japan tour travel booking and Switzerland tour travel booking.

How can come to Roorkee City: Roorkee is a famous city which is located in Uttarakhand state, India. Roorkee is city is well connected to other Indian places via road, train and air transport. National highway - 334 connects city to other Indian places via road transport. Other countries passengers can come to Roorkee city via air transport which nearest international airports are located in Chandigarh city and Delhi city.

Air Transport: Dehradun airport is the nearest regional airport where passengers can get domestic air flights. Dehradun airport is exact 69.6 KM distance from Roorkee city.

Chandigarh international airport is a near airport where passengers can get international air flights to other foreign countries. Chandigarh airport is exact 245.1 KM distance from Roorkee city.

Delhi international airport is an other international airport where passengers can get air flights to other overseas countries which is just 198.2 KM distance from Roorkee city.

Water Transport: Roorkee city is not a port of coastal city where has not water transport services.

Train Transport: Roorkee city has a local train station where passengers can get train transport to other Indian destinations.

Roorkee City tourists attractions: Roorkee city also has some famous places to visit which some are B.S.M College of Engineering and Polytechnic, Indian Institute Of Technology–Roorkee (IIT–Roorkee), City College Of Management & Technology, Himgiri Mahavidyalaya - College, Gadharona Balaji Temple, BEG Center MT ground - Swimming pool, B.S.M. PG College Roorkee, Sabji Mandi Roorkee, Rampur Chungi, Doon Public Senior Secondary School, Nehru Stadium, Solani Park, Vishal Mega Mart, Mahi Palace - Banquet hall etc.

Roorkee City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Roorkee city also has some affordable types hotels to stay. Roorkee city some popular restaurants are Tamarind Multi Cuisine Restaurant - Family restaurant, Domino's Pizza - Pizza restaurant, Rajendra Bhawan Mess - Food court, Bengal Kathi roll - Fast food restaurant, Badshah Hotel - Non Vegetarian Restaurant, GREEK LANE BAKERS - Bakery and Cake Shop, W Restro Cafe - Restaurant, Sarojini canteen - Coffee shop, Subway - Sandwich shop, W Restro Cafe - Restaurant etc.