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Palampur Hill Station Tour Guide Himachal Pradesh hand Holiday Destination

Posted by Admin; Date: 3-July-2023

About Palampur Hill Station destination: Palampur is a famous hill station which is placed in Himachal Pradesh state, India. It is a nice places to spend summer holiday where also has snow capped mountains and deep forest.

Distance from Palampur Hill Station: Palampur Hill Station is well connected to other Indian regional places via air and road transport. Palampur Hill Station is just 32.8 KM distance from Dharamshala city, Chamba city is just 152.4 KM distance, Kangra town is just 33.6 KM distance, Hamirpur city is just 65.0 KM distance, Mandi city is just 92.8 KM distance, Pathankot city is just 110.9 KM distance and Chandigarh metropolitan city is just 252.9 KM distance.

Himachal Pradesh tour: It is well plan to enjoy holiday in Himachal Pradesh state of the India country. It also has many famous hill stations and skiing resorts to spend summer and winter holiday. Its central capital city is Shimla city and second state capital city is Dharamshala city both cities also are the famous tour destination of the India country. Europe tour trip booking, Japan tour trip and Switzerland tour trip booking.

How can come to Palampur Hill Station: Palampur is a famous Hill Station which is located in Himachal Pradesh state of the India country. Palampur is a nice destination to spend summer holiday in India which is well connected to other Indian places via road and air transport. Other countries people can come to Palampur hill station via air transport which nearest international airports are located in Delhi city, Chandigarh city and Amritsar city.

Air Transport: Kangra Airport is the nearest domestic airport where passengers can get air transport services to other Indian regional places. Kangra Airport is just 36.7 KM distance from Palampur hill station.

Water Transport: Palampur is not a coastal or port city where has not water transport services to other overseas countries and other Indian regional places.

Train Transport: Daulatpur Chowk is the nearest railway station where passengers can get train transport to other Indian places. Daulatpur Chowk railway station is just 109.7 KM distance from Palampur hill station.

Palampur Hill Station tourists attractions: Palampur hill station has several popular places to visit which some are Palampur Science Centre - Museum, Tulip Garden Palampur, Palampur Tea Gardens, Saurabh Van Vihar, Shree Jakhani Mata Temple, Neugal Khad Bridge, Birni Devi Temple, Dogra Pet Shop, Gwal Tikkar - Garden, Tashi Jong Khampagar Monastery - Buddhist temple, Horizon Gym (Unisex gym), Shri Mahakali Kamakhya Devi Temple, CSIR - Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (IHBT), University Ground, Tea Husbandry and Agro Forestry, CSD Canteen, Bharari Mata Mandir Bridge etc.

Palampur Hill Station famous Restaurants & accommodations: Palampur hill station has several modern hotels to stay. Palampur hill station some famous restaurants are yashita hotel, Domino's Pizza, Asia Palace, Infinitea Sports Club & Tea Garden Resort, Coy's Cafe, Shivligam Cafe And Resturtant, Thakur Fast Food Shop - Fast food restaurant, Vijay THAKUR, Forest Rest House sukairi, Rakkh Resort, Hotel The Woodz, Hotel Sheetal Valley, Raj Palace, Local ride cafe - Coffee shop, Hill Ventures, Jujurana Resort & Spa, Hotel Sai Taj Grand, White Ridge Hotel, Bakes 'N' Brews - Bakery and Cake Shop etc.