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Japan Holiday to Old Sakai Lighthouse Osaka Tour Destination

Posted by Admin; Date: 19-Dec-2022

About Old Sakai Lighthouse Osaka Destination: Old Sakai Lighthouse is a historical place which is located in Osaka city of the Japan country. the Old Sakai Lighthouse was built in 1877 which total height is 11.3 metres which uses to navigate water ships.

How Can Reach to Old Sakai Lighthouse Osaka: It is situated in Osaka harbour city of the Japan country where foreign countries passengers can come via air and water transport. Osaka harbour city city also has international airport and harbour to world wide transport.

By Air Transport: Osaka harbour city has international airport which name is Osaka International (Itami) Airport.

Kobe airport is a domestic airport where passengers can get flights to other Japanese domestic destinations.

Kansai International Airport is a busy international airport where people can get flights to other overseas countries. Kansai International Airport is just 50.0 KM distance from Osaka port city.

By train Transport: Shin-Osaka Station is the central railway junction of the Osaka harbour city where passengers can get trains to all other Japanese domestic destinations.

Things to Do near of Old Sakai Lighthouse Osaka: people can do several famous activities in Osaka harbour city which some are watch famous building infrastracture of the Osaka harbour city, watch city famous museums, watch historical monuments etc.

Tourists attractions near of Old Sakai Lighthouse Osaka: people can visit several popular places in Osaka harbour city which some are the following.

Attractions near Old Sakai Lighthouse: Ohama Park, Shelter Playground, Ohama Park Baseball Field, Ohamakita Park, Ohamakitacho Enoki Park, Ohamakitacho Wave Park, Ohama Nakamachi Park, Ohama Minamimachi Safin Park, Minatoekimae Park, Dejimacho Gaabera Park, Dejimacho Rail Way Park, Ohama Gymnasium - Gymnastics center, Bornelund Playville Annex Ohama Park - Amusement park etc.

Other places to visit in Osaka harbour city: Other places to visit in Osaka harbour city: Ohama Sumo Stadium, Sakai Manyo Poetry Monument, Nagaike - Park, Sakai Minamidaiba ruins guide board, Ohamadaishin Tennis Center, Sakai Minamidaiba Ruins Stone Wall, Yoshibee Inaridaimyojin - Shinto shrine, Toyohikoinari Shrine - Shinto shrine, Daisen-ryo Kofun (Tomb of Emperor Nintoku), Magodayuyama Kofun, Sakai City Hall, Oizumi Ryokuchi Park etc. Japan holiday vacation is a good idea to Old Sakai Lighthouse tour which is located in Osaka harbour city of the Japan country.

Switzerland holiday vacation Booking; Europe holiday vacation is a well idea to Budapest capital city tour of the Hungary country. Budapest city is situated on bank of the River Danube which is also well destination to enjoy water sports into the River. Budapest city is the largest populated and economy hub of the Hungary country. Budapest city is good connected to other European countries and other Hungary domestic places via air, train and road transport.

Budapest city has several famous places to visit which some are Hungarian Parliament Building, Central Market Hall - Produce market, Ludwig Museum - Modern art museum, Budapest History Museum / Castle Museum, National Museum and Institute of Theatre - History museum, National Theatre - Performing arts theater, Kiscelli Museum, Aquincum Museum - Archaeological museum, Fisherman's Bastion - Fortress, Heroes' Square, Kiscelli Museum, Palvolgyi Cave - Nature preserve, Karoly Guckler Lookout - Scenic spot, Hungarian Railway Museum, Central Market Hall - Produce market etc.