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Okayama City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted : 4-Feb-2022

About Okayama city destination: Okayama is a beautiful city which is located in between of the Osaka city and Hiroshima city. Okayama city is placed on bank of the Asahi River and Yoshii River. Okayama city is situated on shore of the The Lake Kojima. Okayama is located in good place which one three sides has green forest and agriculture lands and one side has Lake Kojima which all make city more environment friendly.

Okayama city is located just between of the Hiroshima city and Osaka city. Okayama city is just 184.2 KM distance from Osaka city, Hiroshima city is exact 165.3 KM far, Kobe city is exact 164.9 KM distance, Kyoto city is just 212.7 KM distance, Tokyo capital city is just 664.3 KM far, Nagoya city is exact 335.6 KM far, Nara historical city is just 215.2 KM distance, Niitaga city is just 744.0 KM distance and Sendai city is just 1023.3 KM distance.

Japan is a fully developed country which is situated in Asia region. Japan central administration capital city is Tokyo city which is also the largest populated and economy hub of the Japan country. Japan country country has around sea water and does not connect any country land boarder. So other country passengers can come to Japan via water transport and air transport only. Japan country neighbour countries are Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines etc.

How can come to Okayama city: passengers can come to Okayama city from foreign countries via air transport and water transport. tourists can come to city form other Japanese places via road transport, air transport, water transport and train transport. Japan tour travel and Europe tour travel .

Shin-Okayama port Ferry Terminal: it is the main cruise ship harbour where passengers can get ship / ferry services to other Japanese coastal places. Shin-Okayama port Ferry Terminal is just few kilometers far from city centre.

Okayama Momotaro Airport: Okayama city centre is just 19.0 KM Okayama Momotaro Airport which is a domestic regional airport where passengers can get flights to other domestic places. tourists also can get international fights to other foreign countries.

Okayama Station - Train station: Okayama Station is the central railway station where passengers can get all types trains to other domestic places. It is also the station of the Bullet trains.

Okayama city tourists attractions: the city has lots of places to visit which some are Houden Public beach, Ushimado beach, Inujima Seirensho Art Museum - Modern art museum, Teshima Yokoo House - Art museum, Tojigaoka Marine Hills Golf Club, Rokuban river Water Park, Nishi-Furumatsu Nanbu Park, Okayama Castle, Sweet (dagashi) Shop Ohmachi - Theme park, Ikeda Zoo, Washuzan Highland - Amusement park, Washuzan Mizushima observatory, Tanoura Park etc.

Okayama city famous Restaurants & accommodations: travelers can book different types of the hotels accommodations in Okayama city. The city has several modern Restaurants where people can eat delicious foods such as Terrace Restaurant / Etoile de la Mer, Issen - Kaiseki restaurant, Okonomiyaki Umikko -Okonomiyaki restaurant, REGALO - Italian restaurant, Cafe Salon Nakaoku, Yayoda - Seafood restaurant, Shioya Diner - New Olympia (sushi) - Japanese restaurant, Cafe Salon Nakaoku etc.