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Posted : Oct - 6 - 2019

Norway Europe Trip gives the most sophisticated of the journey which is all about visit to exquisite museums and the nightlife with monumental fortress to enjoy the beauty of life and carrying on with the adventures. The country has majestic fjords and mountains which are up and above the rest seems touching the sky. The city such as Bergen, Oslo along with Geiranger which is just a small village boasts to be most scenic and with breathetaking scenery. The country looks like a scenery from a film which must have transcended into your dreams and with wild waterfalls and the enchanting landscapes makes it worth a visit. The country is also known for it’s lakes and forests which is known as a picturesque country and the Bergen is also known as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The other Scandinavian countries are Sweden and Denmark which are equally known for it’s beautiful surroundings and the wonderful Nostalgia about Leo Tolstoy stories which are associated with Norway takes you through vivid childhood dreams. The Viking Ship Museum which has actual Viking ships which are pulled whole from the Ship burials and the most famous scenic train ride from Oslo makes it the best to move from one place to another through captivating beauty of the landscape. Norway Europe Trip package is nice place to visit Norway country the most famous tourist places which includes its capital city and other historical landmarks.

The city which is Bergen looks like a city out of fairytale and the Bergen Fish market which is known for the freshest and most delicious fish and seafood makes it the best to enjoy the seafood. The Geiranger which is all about small village boasts and some of the world’s most scenic and Fijord which are iconic and worth visit with breathtaking along with getting the tag of best country to live in makes it one and only the best to visit whether for the study purpose or with the lowest crime rates in the world makes it a most visited country by people. The United Nations Human Development report also takes it to a notch above where the average levels of education and income along with combing with life expectancy makes it the most preferred country in terms of literacy rates along with levels of education and income thus preferring the country to be an education centre and thus it leads many people to get into various professional studies and thus enhance in terms of income and cultural freedom apart from visiting as the country for tourist purposes.

Japan trip package is well idea to visit is the most popular historical tourist places which includes Fuji mountains, Tokyo tower, Jigokudani Monkey Park, Himeji Castle, Todaiji Temple, Golden Pavilion etc. Japan country is located in eastern of the Earth which also called The Sun rising country because first time of the Day the Sun rise this country.