Horyu Ji Tour

Japan Holiday to Visit Horyu ji Tour Destination

Posted : 27-June-2020

About Horyu ji: Horyu-ji is a most famous Buddhist temple of Japan country which is located in Nara Prefecture. It was built by Prince Shotoku in 607 AD. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site from 1993. Here has monuments and art gallery and Buddhist statue to visit by tourist. It is just 476 KM distance from Tokyo city which is well connected via Bullet trains, domestic flights and road transport with other cities of the country. Lots of traveller come to visit this tourist place which is a pilgrimage place to Local people of the Japan country people.

How to Reach Horyu ji: It is located in Nara prefecture of the Japan country which is well connected with other cities of the country via road transport, air transport and train transport.

By Air Transport: It is nearest airport is Kansai International Airport which is just 62.7 KM distance from Horyu ji. Here tourists can get foreign countries flights and domestic flights.

By Train Transport: Japan Shinkansen Bullet trains nearest station is Osaka which is just 38.9 KM distance from tourist destination. Shinkansen is a good transport system in Japan to travel long distance.

By Road Transport: In all Japan country road transport is very well to travel one place to other place. Nara city is well connected with Tokyo capital city and Osaka city.

Things to Do near of the Horyu ji: Tourists can do several activities near of the Horyu-ji which includes Prayer on Horyu-ji Buddhist temple, Boating on Yamato River, Swimming on Yamato River, Enjoy Picnic on Parks, Play sports on sports complex, watch Horyu-ji art Gallery, watch old Castles.

Tourists attractions near of the Horyu ji: There are many tourist attractions near of the Horyu ji such as Horyu-ji Buddhist temple, Horyu-ji Gallery of Temple Treasures, Horyu-ji Five-Story Pagoda, Horyu-ji West Round Hall, Horyu-ji Great Lecture Hall, Horyu-ji South Main Gate, Tenman Pond, Torichiku Shukaisho Park, Nishizato Park, Nishizato Park, Ikaruga Cultural Heritage Center, Fujinoki Tumulus National Historic Site, Horyuji i Center, Midorigaokakita Park, Horyuji Temple, Mimotomatsu Pond, Ikaruga Reservoir, Dog run Mahoroba no Oka, Mitsui's Well, Tenman Sports Ground, Kunimidai Observatory, Yamatokoriyama City Total Park, Tatsuta Park, Hirose-taisha Shrine, Yamato Tsubakii Castle Ruins Historical landmark, Yamato Sanri Castle Ruins, Horyuji Temple Country Golf Club, Heguri Central Park, Yamato Folk Park etc. Japan Trip vacation is a good plan to explore Japan country UNESCO world heritage site.

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