Birla Mandir

Laxmi Narayan Temple (Birla Mandir), New Delhi

Laxminarayan Temple is one of the Centrally located temple at New Delhi and is also known as Birla Mandir. The Vishnu is called Laxminarayan and who is also known as preserver of trimurti or also known as Narayan who is consorted with the wife Lakshmi. It is one of the first large Hindu temple built in New Delhi and is all according to Hindu and nationalistic sculptures. It is spread in a sprawling 7.5 acres and is adorned with many shrines along with fountains and large garden with statues of various Hindu idols along with nationalistic scriptures. The Geeta bhawan is made for several religious discourses and the construction of the temple is built by industrialist and philanthropist Baldeo Das Birla along with Jugal Kishore Birla of Birla temple.

The main temple has statues of Lord Narayan and Goddess Laxmi along with other small shrines which are dedicated to various other Hindu Gods and Goddess including Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman.The temple is located on the Mandir Marg and is situated at the West of Connaught place in New Delhi. It could be easily reached by local bus, taxis and auto-rickshaws along with the nearest Metro at Swami Vivekanand Metro Station.

Birla mandir in Delhi, or Laxminarayan Temple as it is otherwise known as, is one of the major spiritual destinations in the state. The beautiful architecture of the temple along with its spiritual value has turned Birla Mandir into a famous tourist destination. It is located towards the west of Connaught Place.

Birla Mandir was commissioned by G. D. Birla, the famous industrialist and philanthropist, in 1938. The temple’s reigning deities are Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayan. Towards the sides, Birla mandir has temples dedicated to Shiva, Buddha and Krishna.

The temple has a very interesting story. In 1938, when the temple was ready for inauguration, G. D Birla wanted Mahatma Gandhi to open its doors to the public. Gandhiji agreed to inaugurate it on the condition that the temple would never discriminate anybody based on their caste. Birla agreed and Gandhiji inaugurated the temple. Till today, the temple welcomes people of all castes and creeds with open arms. On Janmashtami festival every year, devotees throng to Birla mandir to be a part of the elaborate rituals and festivities.

The temple complex consists of several shrines, beautifully landscaped gardens and is dotted with water fountains and waterfalls. Built in Nagara style, this three storied temple has beautiful carvings all around it depicting different scenes by Hindu mythology. This gorgeous marble structure is definitely worth a visit when you come to Delhi.

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Visit Information:-

Location: Mandir Marg

Address: Mandir Marg, Near Golmarket, Connaught Place,
New Delhi 110001

Nearest Metro Station: RK Ashram Marg.

Open: Every Days

Visit Timings: 4:30 am to 1:30 pm & 2.30 pm to 9.0 pm.

Total Covered area: 7.5 acres.

Photography, cameras & Mobiles: Not allowed.

Entry Fee (Ticket Price): FREE

Distance From:-

IGI Airport: 12.7 KM

New Delhi RLY Station: 3.0 KM

Old Delhi RLY Station: 6.6 KM

Nizamuddin RLY Station: 10.3 KM

Anand Vihar RLY Station: 17.8 KM